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The Trade Flow Between Hongsheng and Japanese Customers

The Trade Flow Between Hongsheng and Japanese Customers

Update Time:2019-07-04

The trade flow between Hongsheng and Japanese customers
Request A Quote/Machining/Shipping/After-sales service

The description of trade flow

1. Quotation

Quoting base on the drawings you provide. Terms and items description as blow:

 Monetary Unit: Yen

 Parts No./Description/Unit Price/Total Amount/Packing Fees/Freight Charges

 Mode of Trade: FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU etc.

 Valid date of quotation.

*Offering Date: In order to shorten the offering date, please provide the expected price
in advance if you have.

2、Purchase Order Please

  send us the purchase order if you agreeabout thequotation and other conditions. The purchase
order could be sent by mail. Please write part Numbers, quantities on the purchase order , such as 1-②

 If you wish to sign a long-term contract, we have no objection.If you have basic contract or
non-disclosure agreement, please send them to us and we will discuss them seriously

 To protect your company's privacy, purchase orders and contracts are kept in our customer files.


and the factory director will analyze the processing technology according to the drawings and
arrange the production.Report the machining status of small parts at any time during machining.
If the drawings are not clear, the business staff will confirm to your
company by email or phone.If you don't have any special requirement after the processing of the
parts, we will conduct quality inspection of all parts according to the regulations and record the
result of quality inspection on the quality inspection report, and deliver the goods together with
part.In order to avoid part injury, we will pack parts one by one carefully.

4、The delivery

Baling and packing subject to the terms of the offer.
Shipping methods and number of days:

 When using air transportation, the goods usually arrive in Japan within 2 days (including clearance).

 When using international express delivery, 2 ~ 3 to your company.

 When using shipping, the goods will arrive on 7-15 days(including customs clearance) .


Since the Japanese customer has credit, no advance payment is required if the transaction amount is not
large or the cost of materials is not very expensive. Please remit the money before the 10th of the next
month after your company has checked the products and confirmed them to be qualified. If there is a
need for advance payment, we will discuss it separately.

By the way, our company hopes that the payment for the parts shipped before
20th every month can be received on 10th of the following month.
Our business staff will ask you for payment by email before 20th.

For example, We hope the payment for the goods delivered before 20th of this month will arrive
on 10th of next month.
Please pay for the remittance procedure.The withdrawal fee in China shall be borne by our company.


When quoting, the detailed information will sent to the customer regarding the 1st. The processing status is reported to the customer during the processing of parts. When shipping, send all the information to the customer, and ship the product book, test report and parts together. After arriving at your company, whether arrived on time? Or ask the customer about quality.

7、Correspondence of defective products

According to the company's standard, it is the full inspection and delivery, but if you detect defective
products in your company, please check the following.

 If a small quantity cnc machining parts are repaired and have delivery time , please send the product
back to the company. After the repair is completed, send it to the customer again. All shipping costs incurred
during this period are in charge of our company. The defective products of reproduction are same.

  If we missed the deadline, I am very sorry, please to repair it in your company. The repair cost can be
deducted from the amount of the part as long as it does not exceed the amount of the part.

 About the parts of machining precision parts that cannot be repaired, please arrange re-production
again by your company.All costs are charge of by our company.

The above is explained. I hope to get a reference.

If there is anything you don't understand, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, if you think differently with your company, please advise.

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