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Heat treatment and surface treatment

Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment
Surface treatment and Heat treatment Surface treatment: Aluminum anodizing, hard oxidation, aluminum coloring, black oxide (flange) galvanized (color zinc, blue and white zinc, black zinc) chrome, (hard chrome, decorative chrome flash chrome) sandblasting, electroless nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, polishing, electropolishing. Titanize (titanium nitride TiN aluminum oxide titanium nitride TiAiN carbon nitride TiCN titanium carbide TiC) Phosphating coating DLCHeat treatment has vacuum quenching, ordinary quenching, high frequency quenching, carburizing, nitriding (gas nitrogen and salt spray nitriding) conditioning,Burning, low temperature treatment
Product application area Automation equipment accessories, automotive equipment,Medical equipment accessories, packaging industrial equipment,food machinery equipment accessories, Marine equipment accessories, jig,air-conditioning accessories, power electronics industry equipment, LED production line equipment, automobile battery production line equipment,agricultural mechanization, household appliances, amplification equipment,compressors, nuclear power products,other special industry products all kinds of production line equipment.
Main equipment Dalian Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. cannot do surface treatment inside. We will entrust a special surface treatment company around Dalian to handle it. There are about 6-8 surface treatment companies with good quality in Dalian, which can be treated differently. For example, some companies have outstanding advantages in aluminum anodizing and hard anodizing as well as surface coloring. Some companies have excellent hard chrome plating and nickel plating. They all have high-end equipment that passes environmental inspections. They all have independent testing devices and institutional processes.
The purpose of surface treatment In order to make the surface of the parts rust-proof, increase the hardness, extend the life of the product, or make the surface more beautiful.

Heat treatment and surface treatment

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