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Since 2010, our company began to cooperate with domestic customers frequently, the numeber of customers increased sharply than 2009. Our customers cover many areas, products have also become diversified. Except for mechanical parts, we also did from part design to assembly, and the sheet metal, stamping, casting, welding, surface treatment, dissolving plastic mould, all kinds of mould, industrial products, etc. For the longest time, we got high praise and approval from our customers.

In the course of international trade, there are many foreign customers who don't know well about Chinese market. Except for machining, our company can also entrust agents a lot of professional works. Since March 2010, because of our company's business in China is excellent, so we created the Hongsheng Union with many companies who want to do international business. From design and assembly of parts, to sheet metal, stamping, casting, welding, surface treatment, plastic mould dissolving, all kinds of mould, industrial products, etc. We have assembied hundreds of management company. They are distributed in Dalian, Shandong, Shenyang, Shanghai etc.We are all in charge including quotation of products, quality detection, final inspection and packaging.When the product is exported, international business, customs clearance and transportation are all handle by us. Customers do not need to worry about every link, we will provide a full range of services. Customers also don't need to run around for a single business. Hongsheng and Honhsheng Union can provide a wide range of services to customers.

Hongsheng Union

Every member need strict review and screening before add in Hongsheng Union. They must have a good sense of international service, meet the needs of different customers. Hongsheng has good quality management, according to the idea "quality is life", value international business capablity.

So far, Hongsheng Union have served for over 30 customers, we have done a lot of business with our customers. Hongsheng Union is growing. We belive that we can provide more foreign customers high-quality service. We also hope to astablish cooperative relationship with more Chinese companies and common progress, repay society.

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