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Precision mechanical parts

Precision mechanical parts
Major business projects Provide high precision parts processing services. In order to better serve customers, we can also provide customers with one-stop service from casting, sheet metal, stamping, welding, surface treatment, heat treatment and so on. Customers do not have to run around for a project work, Hongsheng can provide a full range of services.
Product application area Automation equipment accessories, automotive equipment,Medical equipment accessories, packaging industrial equipment,food machinery equipment accessories, Marine equipment accessories, jig,air-conditioning accessories, power electronics industry equipment, LED production line equipment, automobile battery production line equipment,agricultural mechanization, household appliances, amplification equipment,compressors, nuclear power products,other special industry products all kinds of production line equipment.
Main equipment Our company has five-axis linkage machining centers,turning and milling compound processing machine, machining center, CNC vehicle, grinding machine, milling machine, laser cutting machine, wire cutting, discharge processing machine and other advanced processing equipment.In addition, we have sufficient inspection equipment,professional quality control personnel and high precision quality control system.The quality inspection equipment mainly includes Mitutoyo CMM, tool microscope, hardness tester, bolt gauge, thread gauge and so on.Our company implements full quality inspection.
Material that can be processed Material that can be processed: The general materials are available in the Chinese market. Dalian is the main distribution place for Japanese companies to invest in China. As early as 20 years ago, it has formed a good supporting capacity (including raw materials). General carbon steel (S25C, S35C) , S45C), iron (SS400), die steel (SKD11, SKD61, SKS, SCM, etc.), copper (C3604, phosphor bronze, pure copper, etc.), aluminum (5052, 5056, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075 , 7071, 2017, 2014, etc.), stainless steel (304, 316, 303, and SUS440C, etc.), insulating materials (POM, PE, PP, PEC, PVC, nylon, etc.) These materials are available in the Dalian market. Special materials which are not produced in the Chinese market or materials specially requested by customers are basically purchased through overseas material distributors in Shanghai and other places. The general material procurement cycle is 3-7 days. Special 7-15 days.
Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment Surface treatment: Aluminum anodizing, hard oxidation, aluminum coloring, black oxide (flange) galvanized (color zinc, blue and white zinc, black zinc) chrome, (hard chrome, decorative chrome flash chrome) sandblasting, electroless nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, polishing, electropolishing. Titanize (titanium nitride TiN aluminum oxide titanium nitride TiAiN carbon nitride TiCN titanium carbide TiC) Phosphating coating DLC Heat treatment has vacuum quenching, ordinary quenching, high frequency quenching, carburizing, nitriding (gas nitrogen and salt spray nitriding) conditioning,Burning , low temperature treatment

Precision mechanical parts

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