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Welding equipment: Equipment category  Specific application scope
Argon welder Widely used in large, medium and small parts, sheet metal chassis, sheet metal class welding.Small deformation, beautiful welding.
Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine Widely used in large, medium and small parts welding, greatly improve the welding efficiency
Cold welding machine Used for the repair of the out-of-tolerance of precision and small parts
Laser welding machine Used for precision welding of micro and small parts
Resistance welding machine Used for sheet metal chassis, sheet metal parts spot welding processing
Welding quality inspection: Welding meat defects  Specific description
Spurious welding Spurious welding refers to the welding defects such as unfused and disconnected welds (the weld length required by the process cannot be guaranteed).
Air breather Piercing hole on the surfaces of welding spot
Crack Cracks appears in the weld.
Slag inclusion  solid entrainment.
Undercut The excess between the weld and the base material is too severe
Burning through The base material was burnt through.
Splashing Metal liquid fly out and stick to the area of functional and appearance requirements.
Over high weld is convex   The weld is too big,H values does not allow more than 3mm.
Position deviated  Weld position is not correct.
Coordinate with bad plate butt joint gap is too big.
Engineering factor:
1.Welding material shall conform to design requires and provisions of relative standards, the certificate of quality and other relevant information shall be checked.
2.Welder shall pass the examination, to check the welder's corresponding welding conditions and the date of assessment.
3.Class I II welds shall be tested for flaw detection and conform to design requires, construction and acceptance specifications. Providing reports of flaw detection on welds.
4.Uniform appearance of the weld seam, smooth transition between welds and welding toe, Cleaning up the welding spatter.
5.I, II class welds shall not exist the defective situation of incompletely filled weld, undercuts, non-shrinkage, and crack, blowholes and arc strike on the surface.

Welding parts

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