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Packing and delivery

Packing and delivery

Update Time:2018-10-24
Dalian hongsheng machinery co., LTD. Is a Chinese machining factory with Chinese high precision parts and high precision machining,which has been engaged for 14 years, has 14 years of export trade experience, we have made perfect shipment process.Here we introduce the shipping process to you.
1、Making shipping documents
In one Sales' order, once the goods are ready for deliver from godown , the Sales need to check the progress with the factory. Then preparation of customs declaration materials (because they need a formal declare at the customs, they have to make IV and PL correctly). For the customer who exchange for the first time, the Sales need to confirm shipping address, company name and part of the name of customs declaration, etc. If the customer has special request, the Sales make customs declaration according to customer's requirement. If customer has not required, then follow the company's written form.

After the Sales making the declaration materials, they need an initial check, then submit to general affairs office for final inspection. If there's no problem, it will be stamped with the company seal, and become the formal declare information at the customs.

Then the Sales instruct the factory to prepare for shipment.

2、The parts should be cleaned before packed
After the final inspection, the cnc machining parts precision with no problem can be transferred to the packaging room. The packaging clerk will first check if the drawing information and part information , such as shape of the part, the quantity, outlook, surface treatment, etc are consistent with the information on the drawing. If there's no problem, the packaging clerk will put the part on the drawing and take photos, then archives.
Then proceed the cleaning of parts. Parts with concavoconvex or concavoconvex places should be rinsed with alcohol or a cleaner such as holes, nematopores, slots. Then use a cotton swab to remove the cleaning fluid and other liquids. The surface of part should also be wiped clean, to look more beautiful. Finally, to avoid surface damage, the product will be wrapped with transparent plastic film. In order to prevent iron and other materials parts rust, the packaging clerk will spray a moderate amount of anti-rust oil on the surface of part.
At last we need choose the appropriate thickness foaming for packaging,paste the spot product ticket,please boxed according to the annotation's sequence,bundle bale.
3、Packing, shipping, and logistics tracking

Our products can be shipped by air and sea, because our company has signed an agreement with the logistics company, we can enjoy faster, cheaper and more convenient logistics services.

1) Preparation before packing

The operators prepare the appropriate size boxes according to the instructions of the sales personnel, cartons are used for air transportation and wooden cases are used for sea transportation.

2)Packaging procedure:

According to the production order, the cash ticket should be consistent with the production order, control number and quantity should be checked and then encased. The parts after loading the box needs to be marked on the production order, to avoid omissions. At last, the sales personnel confirm and check again.

The parts cannot be moved in the box, special shaped parts cannot rub against each other, the space between parts should be filled with newspaper or other bubble wrap, avoiding collision between items and result in part injuries. Then send the detection report and the dispatch bill to the customer via email. Finally, seal the box with tape, when packaged, concentrate in the specified location, notify related express or logistics personnel to pick up the goods.

3) Tracking of transportation of the goods after shipment

After delivered the goods,will send the tracking number to the customer by email,if you have any needs, you could check the detailed transportation and delivery on the express website.

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