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International women's day

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International women's day
Issue Time:2019-03-08

Spring back to the earth, everything recovers,It is another year of March 8th, and it is another year of Thanksgiving.The grateful goddess bears the responsibility of a big love.The goddess of gratitude pays for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Thanks to our goddess for no regrets and no silence.

The annual Hongsheng Women's Day celebrations began with a harmonious spring breeze. This year, the activity was moved from indoors to outdoors, all employees of Hongsheng bathing in the warm sun in March stood in two columns. Activity planning is ingenious, increasing the entertainment of the game and achieving the purpose of exercising and relaxing. The specific content of the activity "Three people carrying the weight forward" is specifically that three boys carried a girl on their arms and raced. The game started with the CNC lathe team, the machining center team, and the bench worker team all the way in everyone's cheers. Next, successive business groups, general affairs groups, and grinding machine teams started in sequence. The atmosphere was intense and lively. At the end of the game, the boys gave the blessed flowers to the girls, and the girls expressed their gratitude to the boys.

Today, please enjoy the unparalleled glory of the festival, let the men with a solid arm to lift you across the mountains, difficulties and obstacles, all the way forward.Our company prepared flowers and shampoo for each goddess.If the boys can send the goddess of hongsheng to the other side of happiness, there is shampoo as a gift.In the cheers of everyone, the goddesses slowly ascended the platform of happiness.Hongsheng warriors holding flowers loudly said: my sister, happy goddess festival!The goddesses also happily took over the flowers, loudly replied: my brothers, thank you for your blessingThen the goddesses also gave gifts to each warrior who ran.

Hongsheng's family was filled with the joyful cheers of the goddesses.
We are happy hongsheng people.Let's cheer up happily and work hard together.

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