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8S management system

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8S management system
Issue Time:2018-08-02

From July to October, competition among various departments in Hongsheng is holding actively-------"8S management system" competition, due to Hongsheng has implemented 8s management system comprehensively, in order to ensure the products we made maintaining clean and zero-pollution and create a better experience for customers, general affairs members are in charge of detailed sanitation inspection and marking which one who has best performance deserves a great reward.

The Content of 8S Management System:

1S: SEIRI--Remove all unnecessary items; utilize all space flexibly; create refreshing working environment.

2S: SEITON—place essential items on set position and mark them accordingly meanwhile, so as to develop a comfortable working environment for staffs.

3S: SEISO-- Clean all invisible and visible corners with keeping stabilizing the quality of products and decreasing industrial pollution.

4S: SEIKETSU- Clean Producing environment and maintain 3S above

5S: SHITSUKE-Cultivate with good habit; follow regulation and discipline; create team work spirit

6S: Safety- Reinforce security education, work on the premise of safety.

7S: SAVE—Decrease consumption of cost, space, time, stock, material, etc.

8S: STUDY— Be familiar with ranges of professional knowledge from practice, books, colleagues and superiors in order to upgrade comprehensive quality.

Competition Details:

Competition Details:Assessor: General Affairs Members

Competition Team: Team in machining spots of Machining Center, CNC Lathe, Grinding Machine, Bench Worker; Milling Machine and Slow Wire, Inspection Department, Packaging Dept. and Warehouse.

Time: July 6th -Oct. 6th

Scoring Standard:

◆1. Team Area: wall, windowsill, ground

◆2. Working place: layout, aisle, article arrangement

◆3. Component Shelf: Horizental and Vertical articles placement

◆4. Tool Racks: Consistent specification, Cleanness, No extra sundry

◆5. Equipment Area: no oil sludge, no leak, no iron fillings, etc.

◆6. Business Etiquette: Say Hello and Make a bow with 30° to customers. Help Strangers who are not familiar with our company

◆7. Team Safety: Regular inspection of safety equipment; ensure exit passageway without blocking; Report without delay as safety loophole existing.

◆8.Dressing during work time: Work clothes (Button up clothes and keep clean); Protective shoes(Tighten shoelaces ); wear ID tags。

◆9. Appearance: Keep hair and nails neat, Do not wear exaggerated accessories

◆10. Saving Consciousness: No needless consumables in working area (such as face mask, gloves etc. )

Contrasting Results:

Each team is having a positive performance and improving greatly in this competation within one month. Finally, let's see which team will be the champion of this competition.

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