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A fire-drill of Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co.,Ltd

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A fire-drill of Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co.,Ltd
Issue Time:2019-12-17

A fire-drill of Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co.,Ltd

In order for companyemployees to understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improve safetyawareness, enhance self-protection ability, master the response to suddenfires, learn to extinguish fires, ensure the safety of employees' lives and thecompany's property safety, our company organized a practical fire drill ,


Here'show to use the fire extinguisher we learned

Firstwe held the handle on the fire extinguisher and lifted it up.

Removethe safety bolt on the handle above the fire extinguisher, which is a smalliron ring, and drag it

Needto maintain a certain distance from the ignition point, this safety distance isabout 5 meters.

Weneed to use the fire extinguisher on the upwind, because if it is a dry powderfire extinguisher, dust or soot will affect us.

Holdthe head of the fire extinguisher in one hand, and support the bottom of the fireextinguisher with one hand. Align the nozzle of the fire extinguisher with thefire place, press the fire extinguisher's cross-pressing place firmly, andpress the fire source until the fire is extinguished.

  • Be safe, start with me

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